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Stacey has been my pet sitter for many years.  I have two beloved cats and when I go out of town, I really need to know they are in good hands.  Stacey is reliable,  responsible, and responsive.  She is also very caring and truly enjoys the relationships she has with my cats.  And I can tell they like her and are well cared for because when I return, they are calm and content.  I highly recommend Stacey as a pet sitter and I'm grateful to have her for my cats!
We've relied on Stacey for dog walks and occasional house sitting for our two Basenji for over a year now. Our dogs love it when Stacey comes for a visit. We've used many dog walkers over the years and Stacey is the tops. She has always taken great care of our dogs, we trust her, and we recommend her to any dog owner in the Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito area.  Best,
"Stacey has been a huge influence on how well our dog has progressed from being a shy, fearful, nervous dog, into a happy go lucky member of our family. When we first adopted Bert we knew he had come from tough times. New noises scared him, he was afraid to go on walks, cautious of other dogs, and last but not least, scared of tennis balls - he was just a sad dog. So when we started looking for dog walking services, we knew we needed someone who would take an active interest in working with us to improve his confidence and socialization skills. Stacey has been that person for us. Right away she was able to integrate Bert into group outings with other dogs that she knew would help him learn how to be happy dog again. Its hard to believe Bert is the same dog we brought home less than a year ago, but I can certainly say, we wouldn’t have gotten here if it wasn’t for Stacey’s added love and support for our dog Bert. We can't thank her enough."
Stacey is a special person.  Not only does she love my 104lb chocolate lab, Briscoe, she is mindful of my needs as well. We have known Stacey since Briscoe was neutered at 6 months of age, concurrent with my mother's grave illness 90 miles away. She was and is very accommodating for any emergency, schedule glitch or even planned social event.  Stacey is a kind dog trainer and an effective one. All of her dogs adore her.    I can highly recommend Stacy to anyone who wishes to join her dog family! 
JOANNE, Briscoe's "mom"

Stacey is simply wonderful! She has been taking good care of my pug, Phyllo, since we moved out to the bay area. She is responsible, trust-worthy and very accommodating, I know I can always count on her ("Woof!" says Phyllo.) Her photo and text updates make me feel like I'm not missing out a single fun moment with Phyllo and that I know he is in good hands. Stacey has truly played a tremendous role in helping us getting settled in a new "doggy" routine in our new home town. Thanks Stacey!

For years we used to ask friends to "cat-sit" our two tomcats, Elrond and
Julius Q. Gravenstein. Then about 15 years ago, suddenly everybody had their
own places and didn't really want to stay over. Stacey to the rescue! We
have been extremely grateful to Stacey for taking care of Elrond and Julius
for many years until they died, and now Cleopatra Jones (pictured). Stacey
is totally reliable and very thorough, and you can have peace of mind
knowing that your pets are looked after in every way, but more importantly,
they are LOVED too. All of our cats have been "people cats" and need
attention, but with visits from Stacey they are always happy and very
grounded when we return from our (frequent) travels. But their is still
another angle to the value of Stacey's services that goes beyond taking care
of our pets. Stacey views her clients (both animal and human) as members of
an extended family, looking out for the property in common sense ways as she
goes about her pet care duties, and staying in contact while we are away.
This is so helpful and means so much to us! Here's an embarrassing example
of how generous she is: once, when I managed to lock myself out of my own
house, I called Stacey, whom I entrust with a key to our property. She was
able to drive over and unlock the door for me in less than a half-hour. I
could go on and on! Suffice it to say that pet care doesn't come any better
anywhere else! 
Terry & Thom